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We carry a variety of fishing tackle from Hooks, Cod Jigs, Line, Leaders, Swivels, Mackerel Jigs, sinkers and more. Check out the variety of subcategories under the main fishing tackle header.
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Commercial 1 pc Cockpit Harpoon

That’s right, we have finally introduced the bare bones, Commercial grade, No Frills Harpoon. Functionally, this high quality Harpoon will perform Very much like its brethren and is priced to Sell. As with All of the other Money Shot Harpoons,

This item is the Commercial model, equipped with the Dart retention system and rigged with the Penetrator Dart.

This harpoon features 1.0 lb 316 Stainless Steel engraved head.

Fully assembled, the harpoon measures 8 Feet long. The handle is made from 1 inch diameter 6061-T6 and is Mil-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized. The end cap features a stainless steel eyebolt for attaching a retrieval line.

Price : $239.99

Moneyshot 2 pc Harpoon

This model has a 8 foot Overall Length and weighs 7 pounds and is Chock Full of the Same High Quality features as the one piece model.

Disassembled, this model fits neatly into our own custom made carrying bag measuring under 5 feet in length, which then can be easily stowed away.

The standard two piece model is a no-frills set up that features a rough finish handle with the upper portioned Knurled for added grip and a silver anodized finish to prevent corrosion.

Price : $349.99


Haywire Twist Tool

Manufactured from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. Every component in this tool is made of Stainless Steel.  Made here in the USA.

Heat Treated and Diamond Knurled Handle for increased grip and strength. This tool is larger than others on the market giving the user more surface area to grip and handle the tool with ease.

Our tool will make Haywire Twists on Single Strand Wire up to and including #19 Gauge (360 lb/test) with little effort .

This tool will not deform from repeated use on heavy gauge wire. Other haywire tools on the market are made from nickel plated brass or plastic. After repeated use twisting #19 heavy gauge wire, a gouge would form in the nose cone thus making the tool less effective at forming tight twists. This translates into more effort on the part of the user while twisting, resulting in sore wrists and forearms, and sloppy haywire twist! We’ve eliminated that problem with the use of stainless steel and changing the geometry of tool to prevent the tool from deforming.

Now available with a loop forming/tag end removal feature. This feature allows you to make precise, formed loops, in the wire prior to running the line through the body of the tool and making your haywire and barrel twists. It can also be used to neatly break off the tag end of the wire after completing your haywire twist.

Price : $64.99
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Stainless Steel Split Rings

4 pieces

Size 9

100 lb test

Price : $1.69
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Bank Sinkers

Sold by the ounce

Price : $0.48

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Egg Sinkers

Sold by the ounce

Price : $0.48

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2/0 Snap Swivel

25 pieces

Price : $21.25
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#1 150lb Snap Swivel

25 pieces

Price : $19.75
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Sinker Release

10 pack

Price : $3.60
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Mustad Piscator Rig

5 Pack

Size 4 – 15 lb test main line

Size 6 – 12 lb test main line

Size 8 – 12 lb test main line

Price : $2.19

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3/16" Colored Tubing

Cut by the Foot

Colors vary

Price : $0.92

12" Slug-go Unrigged

It is precisely balanced to produce the erratic, ”injured baitfish” action that draws instinctive strikes from a wide variety of predatory fish. It’s this unbeatable action that makes the versatile Slug-Go effective in both freshwater and saltwater.

Price : $14.45
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Stainless Steel Cod Jigs are IN!

11/23/16 – We just received in our overseas shipment of Cod Jigs.  We are now fully stocked on sizes ranging from 4oz to 35oz jigs. 

Sea-Alex Buoys

We are now carrying a new line of buoys.  These buoys are manufactured in Canada from 100% non-recycled material.   They are resistant to cold winters,  growth,  saltwater and UV rays.  We are c 

Link to Fish Safe

We have add a new link under our “Links” tab.  The link is to  This website has information for commercial fishing industry vessel safety.  Includes USCG bulletins, train 

NEW: Facebook Page

We have created a new Facebook Page.  Please check it out on Facebook  and “like” us.  The page name is  “New England Marine & Industrial”.   We will be posting new pr 

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