Dor-Mor Pyramid Anchor

* Only the Dor-Mor Pyramid had completely imbedded itself in the bottom.
* The embedded Dor-Mor Pyramid achieves approximately 10 times its weight in holding power at 3:1 scope.
* The Dor-Mor Pyramid Mooring anchor was the only mooring anchor which dug again into the bottom and reset itself after the Tug broke it free.

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The Dor-Mor Pyramid Mooring Anchor rapidly penetrates the bottom due to the high point loading of its compact size and shape. Our product achieves approximately 10 times its dry weight in holding power once it has penetrated the bottom and is completely covered with bottom material. The large surface area of the pyramid shape has a high suction effect which increases the deeper it sets.

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35#                        $145.75

70#                        $262.05

135#                      $405.15

200#                     $570.15


Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Pyramid Anchor Size


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