Wiss 11″ Shears #W11TM


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11″ Titanium Coated Single Ring All-Purpose Shears
  • Titanium Coating is 3 Times as Hard as Steel Prolongs the Life of the Blade
  • Full-Length Steel Blade Extends Through Shear for Maximum Strength
  • Heavy Duty Premium Grade Stainless Steel Blades for Extra Durability and Strength
  • Spring-Loaded Blades for Reduced Fatigue on Repeated Cuts
  • Serrated Blade Grips Materials Securely for More Even Cutting
  • Quick Release, Die-Cast Metal Lock
  • Cuts Paper, Cardboard, Heavy Fabric, Rope, Leather, Plastics, and More
  • Die Cast Metal Lock Keeps Blades Closed When Not in Use for Safe Storage
  • Ergonomic Ring Handle Designed for Maximum Comfort

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Weight .57 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 1 in


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