500# Insulated Tub w/Lid


– 2″ screw-in drain plug
– IB 1800 and 1803: 2-way forklift/pallet base
– Box holds 300-350 lbs. of fish, plus ice

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The Sæplast DX310 insulated seafood container is versatile and sturdy. It is particularly well suited for storage, handling and transport of fresh seafood. The Sæplast DX310F seafood tub is double-walled with a PUR core and a high insulation factor. It is commonly used onboard lobster boats for harvesting live lobster and for harvesting cod and salmon among other species.

– High insulation factor
– Long lasting
– Multifunctional – lid options
– Easy to handle and clean
– Marking and tracking options

Outer Dimensions: 43″ x 22″ x 26″ (29″ w/lid)

Volume – 69 gallons


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Dimensions 42 × 24 × 28 in


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