Inshore Flare Kit


(3) Parachute Flares, SOLAS & USCG Approved, 46 CFR 160.136
Brightness: Up to 30,000 Candela
Burntime: Up to 40 seconds each
Altitude: Up to 300 meters (1,200 feet)

(6) Red Handheld Flares, USCG Approved 46 CFR 160.021
Brightness: Up to 700 Candela
Burntime: Up to 3 minutes each

(3) Orange Smoke Signals, USCG Approved 46 CFR 160.037
Burntime: Up to 1 minute each

(1) Heavy-Duty, Waterproof, Dry Box
High Visibility Orange Polypropylene is corrosion resistant

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Alert/Locate Signal Kits Meets USCG Regulations for Ocean Vessels Traveling 3-50 Miles from Coastline or Great Lakes Vessels Traveling More than 3 Miles from Coastline.


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