Polysteel Rope


Polysteel™ rope is made from filaments, which are extruded on a state of the art computerized production line which monitors all aspects of the manufacturing process to extremely tight tolerances. This results in a fiber, which has a minimum tenacity of 7.5 grams per denier, the highest grams per denier of any fiber commonly used in the manufacturing of polypropylene or polyethylene rope.

Polysteel™ is the strongest synthetic rope in its class because of our extremely tight tolerances from fiber extrusion to the finished rope. The result is a rope of unsurpassed quality and consistency. It is Polysteel’s unique characteristics, which make it a hands down choice for an industry that demands a highly superior product.

– Approximately 40% stronger than polypropylene / polyethylene
– 18% elongation
– Excellent UV protection
– Superior abrasion resistance
– No loss of strength when wet
– Stores wet
– Resists rot and mildew

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